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Beginner guitar lesson in Richmond

We are constantly asking ourselves:

"How best can we serve this student?"

And with every new student comes new answers and so the learning journey continues for us all. 

Our Approach to Teaching Guitar 


Visual, Kinaesthetic and Auditory learning are blended with the more logical theoretical approach in such a way that students are able to develop not only their playing but their learning ability in general. 



Goal setting and reflection are an integral part of the learning process. ​



Syllabus co-created with students based on what inspires them most. Where possible we use various graded curricula as well in line with what suits each student best. To this end we have prepared students for RGT, Rockschool, Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM exams.



Perfomance based learning, with a sense of service and contribution: Using music to uplift others around us.



In the case of younger students parental involvement is highly valued to ensure that the student is fully supported at home and in the lesson. We are also huge advocates of groups learning which when done properly can help many to break through to a new level of success as they enjoy the focus and support that learning within a group can offer. 



A unique approach gives every student a chance to develop every area of playing: from note reading to improvisation, along their own lines of development. 



About Us:


Jonathan Goldberg Studied classical guitar at the University of Cape Town and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester where he obtained a first class Post Graduate Performance Diploma (Masters Level) 


He has studied with many of the foremost teachers and performers in the world including Derek Gripper, Craig Ogden and EGTA founder Gordon Crosskey


Jonathan has been teaching guitar for over 17 years at some of the best private schools in Cape Town, as well as in Manchester and London. He has been an associate teacher of the Richmond Music Trust for the past 9 and a half years. In this capacity he continues to teach at many of the local schools and has become a well known member of the community in Twickenham, St Margarets, Richmond and Petersham. 

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