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Group Guitar Lessons
by Alt Guitar School  
(2 teachers // 8+ students) 

Why Are Group Guitar Lessons so effective?

Learning guitar in a group setting has many benefits - but here are the big three we see over and over again. 

Fun. Focus. Support. 

Group guitar lessons are Fun!

The brain makes better connections when its in a state of pleasure 

Learning in a group keeps you focussed!

We need to have clear goals and clears ways to measure our success, when we know we are making progress this creates a positive feedback loop, more inspiration, more fun, more focus and the cycle continues. 

Learning guitar in a group provides a supportive circle of like minded individuals

This makes playing a social affair from day one.


Many students come to us having achieved a really fantastic level of guitar playing but with very little experience of playing for other or wit others. Learning in group gets you making music for and with your fellow guitarists from the very beginning - this is both hugely enjoyable, challenging and priceless from an educational standpoint. 

Book a taster session now!

and see how much fun learning in a group really is... :) 

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