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Beginners Guitar Lessons in Richmond 

Guitar Lessons in St Margarets 

Guitar lessons in St Margarets are offered at the ETNA community Centre in Rosslyn Road. The ETNA centre is easy to reach by public transport and also has a large parking lot for those who drive. 

We Currently offer beginner guitar lessons, intermediate guitar lessons and advanced guitar lessons at the ETNA centre on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

We also offer the following group guitar lessons at the ETNA centre:

Adult beginner group.

Parents of young children beginner group. 

Parents of Young guitar students beginner group. 

These group beginner guitar lessons run in 10 week courses during the term time. 

Please do get in touch to find out when the next group will be beginning and to book your spot on the free introductory taster session! 

Jonathan has been giving guitar lessons in St Margarets area for the last 10 years and currently teaching at both St Mary's and St Stephen's Primary school through the Richmond Music Trust. 

Guitar Lessons in Richmond 

Richmond Guitar lessons are offered at RITZ music shop on Sheen Road. 

We offer beginner guitar lessons as well as more intermediate guitar lessons to advanced guitar lessons at RITZ music and tuition centre on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Get in touch to find out more about our guitar lessons in Richmond. 

Having worked for the Richmond Music Trust since 2008 Jonathan has taught guitar for many years at Marshgate Primary school, Teddington Secondary, Darrell, Stanley Junior School and Waldegrave Secondary Girls School. As well as doing some specialist large group work at Heathside and Darrell Schools 

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