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Guitar Lessons for Mums and Dads 

Guitar Lessons for Parents with Toddlers 

What better way to introduce your children to music than by learning to play (and sing) yourself! Learn the perfect songs and games to engage and entertain your young children while at the same time developing the skills to play guitar of any style. 

Get in touch about guitar lesson for Parents with to young children. 

Guitar Lessons for parents of guitar students 

Morning adult guitar group lessons 

We have found that students whose parents take an active interest in their musical development are the ones who truly thrive. This is not about being bossy or forcing your child to practice - quite the opposite - its when parents themselves give music a real value and show that they are willing to participate themselves their children becoming naturally self motivated. 

In these groups lessons parents will learn the basics required to support their child's practice and even play along in some specially arranged duos with their child.  At the same time parents will also have an opportunity to develop their own musical interests. 

Above all we have found that it is the value that parents give to the music making itself that really rubs off on their children. 

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Make your success inevitable by joining one of our adult beginners groups. Learning in a social environment from day one provides the support and motivation to get you off to the best possible start with fun filled supportive lesson and measurable progress over the 10 week program 

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